Casa Bertini is "naturally traditional"


Casa Bertini

A historic brand, which began on 21, 1951, inheriting recipes and preparation fo the ancient and unique tastes from the Calabrian tradition.

Founder of the company, was awarded the Gold Medal by the Brutium Association, which rewards the Calabrian people who have distinguished themselves in the world. This has made known typical Calabrian products with their ancient and genuine flavours to various personalities in the institutional, artistic, sporting and cultural world.


Cathedral of Cosenza.

Umberto Bertini

Administrative Manager

The eldest son of the founder Luigi Bertini, He has been working in the company for over forty years, and is responsible for the administration, as well as supervising the management of the two showrooms.

Gianfranco Bertini
Master chocolatier

Third-born, master chocolatier since the 70s, specializing in courses held in Switzerland and Italy, and therefore, also responsible in the chocolate coating systems.

Antonio Bertini
IT Manager

Fourthborn, responsible for hardware and software.









Eleonora Bertini
Sales Manager

Fifthborn,  responsible for sales and contacts with foreign countries.

Production Manager

The youngest son, responsible for the production and purchase of raw materials (Italian produced only).


Casa Bertini in a far too sophisticated world remains

"naturally traditional".

Valley of the river Crati

Casa Bertini proposes a really experlencing trip into the traditions of calabrian confectionary by rediscovering and reinterpreting the typical products and flavors of this land.


Castello Normanno Svevo (Cosenza)

After a careful selection, Casa Bertini transforms handicrafts only into the best raw materials following a production process that is able to enhance its organoleptic qualities and guarantee the highest quality products.

Amongst these, the "Dottati" Figs of the Cosentino region, typical Calabrian product, a particular variety one of the most appreciated worldwide due to organoleptic qualities, which is ideally found the hills of Valle del Crati.
Casa Bertini uses "Dotted" Figs of the Cosentino
to create:

Delicious Drops, dottati figs covered with extra dark chocolate,almond filled also available.

Over the years, Luigi Bertini has experimented and subsequently created new recipes by creating the following:

Cremotti (produce of inimitable quality): with a heart of fruit paste dipped in liqueurs and enveloped in an extra dark chocolate chest.

Tiny fruits: fillets, slices and citrus peels of our extraordinary earth, drowned in extra-dark chocolate.

Delights: cherries, browns and almonds embellished with extra dark chocolate.

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