Sibari Plateau "clementines" tangerines

Clementine, a small sweet and full citrus of Calabria.

Born from the cross between an orange and a mandarin, the Clementine of Calabria are characteristics of the province of Cosenza where they grow "protected" from other citrus groves.

It is the clementine, a citrus fruit produced by the hybridization of mandarin and orange, that is one of the best selling fruits following the oranges. It differs from the mandarins due to the absence of the seeds, the brighter orange colour of ist pulp flesh color, and the orange-like taste, with a perfect balance between sweet and sour. Those of the Sibari plains have incomparable organoleptic properties which distinguish them from imported celentines. This is thanks to the quality of the soil, cultivation techniques as well as the heights of the Pollino and Sila mountains which prevent wind and hail formation.On the Italian market since 1940, the fruit preserves the quality of the very first hybrids, and are increasingly requested by the consumers, even after decades of experimental cultivation. The tree is very similar to that of the mandarin, it flowers and fruits bears at a very slow rate and irregularly.Harvesting takes place between November and January. Eat mostly fresh, clementines are useful in various types of diets, low-sodium ones for those who have high blood pressure or slimming diet: it contains only 50 calories per 100 grams. In the kitchen, eaten fresh or used to make juices, jams, sorbets and syrups are great for desserts, as well as to flavor meat or fish.


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